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Responsible Person

If you have any troubles or questiong concerning the handling please contact Maritta or Kerstin.


You can empty the bath, when you open the valve on the backside. Don’t turn on the heating if the bath is empty, if you do so than you need to press the reset button on the back of the bath. Clean the bath and than refill it with water from the tap. Add aqua stabil to the water and turn it on.

Usage rules

  1. Everything that you put in waterbath, should be in a clean vessel/tube and make sure they are properly closed
  2. Close the lid, then it is not so hard for the waterbath to keep the temperature
  3. Please don’t forget to remove your vessel/tube after the experiment/warming-up
  4. If you want to change the temperature, please tell your labmembers in advance, make sure nothing else is inside, label the waterbath and change back to 37°C or 65°C after the experiment/warming-up