Secondary antibodies

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Responsible persons

If you have any troubles please contact Ana or Sven.


All secondary Antibodies ordered via Invitrogen. They will arrive frozen, so you need to thaw them. Shortly spin them down then make 20µl aliquots and freeze them.


Currently available secondary antibodies:

Name Cat.No. Color label
Alexa 647-donkey anti mouse A-31571 white dot
Alexa 555-donkey anti mouse A31570 black dot
Alexa 488-donkey anti mouse A21202 blue dot
Alexa 647-donkey anti rabbit A-31573 red dot
Alexa 555-goat anti rabbit A-21428 red cross
Alexa 488-donkey anti rabbit A-21206 green dot
Alexa 555 donkey anti-sheep A21436 n/a

All antibodies used for a staining with 1:200 dilution.