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How To Run a RAMP TEST Sutter Micropipette Puller P-97

  1. Fo into any program. For example press 1 and ENTR to select Program 1
  2. Press CTRL
  3. Press 0 to not clear parameters
  4. Select 1 for RAMP TEST
  5. Install glass and press PULL

When executed, events in the RAMP TEST take place as follows:

  1. The puller increments the HEAT at the rate of 650 milliamps per second, and the filament, after 1-2 minutes, begins to get hot and glows orange in color
  2. The puller bars begin to move apart as the HEAT output begins to soften the glass
  3. The HEAT is turned off when a certain velocity (the value that is stored in ROM is achieved
  4. The RAMP TEST value shown in display is the HEAT value that was required to reach the factory-set RAMP TEST velocity

To interrupt the RAMP TEST or reset the display press RESET

Tip.png NOTE: HEAT settings over RAMP +35 can damage or burn out the filament!!