Liquid nitrogen

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Responsible persons

If you have any troubles please contact Sven or Ana.

Trouble ticket

In case we are running out of the liquid Nitrogen, you need to send a trouble ticket: (please, note that this URL is only accessible from the CRTD/Biotec intranet).

  1. There you need to type your Username and password (like for server)
  2. Then choose: new ticket
  3. To: technician CRTD
  4. Subject: Liquid Nitrogen /Flüssiger Stickstoff
  5. Text: here write a short text about your problem and describe exactly where it is.
    - Hallo, unser flüssiger Stickstoff im Raum 0.234 müsste aufgefüllt werden.
    - Hi, we are running out of liquid nitrogen in room 0.234, could you please refill it.
  6. Then you can choose the priority how urgent it is.
  7. Send the mail

Then Volker will refill it as soon as possible!