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Responsible persons

If you have any troubles please contact Ines or Takuji.


  • Gelatin Type A Porcine skin: 7.5g
  • ddH2O: 1l
  • 50ml Conical tube (Corning, Cat#: 340829): 20
  • Filter bottle (Corning, Cat#: 431153): 2
  • Water bath at 65ºC


  1. Pre-warm the water in the water bath for 15 min
  2. Weigh 7.5 g gelatin and put it into the warm water
  3. Keep the bottle in the water bath for 30 min and mix it every 10 min
  4. Make sure it is all dissolved
  5. Filter the gelatine under the tissue culture hood, while the gelatin is still hot
  6. Aliquot the gelatin, 50 ml/tube under the tissue culture hood
  7. Store at 4ºC