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Responsible persons

If you have any troubles please contact Kerstin or Eugen.


If it’s your first time using the cryostat, please ask somebody to teach you.

  1. Plan your experiments in advance and book the cryostats using the Cryostat 1 or Cryostat 2 booking system
  2. If you cancel your slot, please remove the booking in the calendar and send an e-mail to the entire Tanaka Lab
  3. All necessary equipment can be found in the cabinet next to the cryostat labeled 'Tanaka'
  4. For guests: Please bring your own equipment or ask before taking others stuff!
  5. After cutting please take the inner metal box out and clean with ethanol. Make sure that you take the old knife out and put it in the tray labeled with knives. Glass slides go in the tray labeled with glass. Block the handwheel on the right side