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Responsible person

If you have any troubles please contact Takuji or Ines.


  • Fibronectin from bovine plasma (SIGMA, Cat#: F4759-5MG): 5mg
  • ddH2O: 5ml
  • Filter for syringe (0.22 µm): 1
  • Syringe (10ml or bigger)
  • 15ml Conical tube (Corning, Cat#: 430791): 1
  • Eppendorf tube (1.5ml): 25

Put the waterbath at 37ºC.


  1. Pre-warm the water in the water bath for 10 min
  2. Add the water directly to the fibronectin vial under the tissue culture hood
  3. Incubate the vial in the water bath for 30 min and mix it time to time

Starting from step 4, all steps must be carried out under the tissue culture hood

  1. Set the filter to the syringe and put the fibronectin into the syringe
  2. Filter it in 15ml conical tube
  3. Aliquot the fibronectin, 200 µl/tube
  4. Store at -20ºC