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Responsible persons

If you have any troubles please contact Maritta or Eugen.


For 0.03% benzocaine you need the following:

  • 500ml 10xTBS
  • 50ml 4000% Holtfreter
  • 30ml 10% Benzocaine stock
  • Fill up with destilled water

Stock solutions

Usually you can find all stock solutions are at Maritta's bench. However, if for some reasons they are not there here are the recipes.

10x TBS

Mix the following components with stir bar:

  • 24.2g Tris base
  • 90g NaCl
  • 990 ml distilled water

Afterwards add 10 ml of concentrated HCL (12M) and check pH for pH (it should be 8).

10% Benzocaine Stock

10% w/v benzocaine (chemical powder above Maritta's bench) Fill up with 100% EtOH.

4000% Holtfreter

This is provided by the axolotl colony.